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Single Crop ROI Calculator

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You need to sell your entire production for 0/unit to break even. If you can get 0/unit, your profit is 0 which is a 0 return.
Yield (per acre)
Variable Cost
Cost Per Unit
Fixed Cost

Enable Visibility

Get visibility into your farm's operations. Track sales, shipments, and profitability. See the bigger picture and adapt.

Enhance Decisions

Get the info you need to make informed decisions. Increase the effectiveness of your risk management strategy.

Engage Advisors

Collaborate with advisors, lenders, and more. Get help from industry experts. You control the sharing of your data.

Plan your growing season

Get ahead of the game by making informed decisions to ensure the best financial outcomes for your farm. Start strong and grow strong.

Estimate cost and revenue

Quickly use one of thousands of available university budgets, or use your own information. You can also have your advisor help you set up a crop budget.

Work with advisors

Easily share your farm's profile with your advisors. Get feedback, collaborate, and help your farm be the best it can be.

Track and improve your bottom-line

You can't improve what you can't measure. With Agulus, you can track your positions and see how your decisions and market changes will affect your revenue.

Master your farm's financial destiny

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